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Similar in size to West Virginia or Denmark, Costa Rica is not a large country measured by its landmass. Yet despite its smaller size, it has seemingly endless kilometers of rivers. This post lists all of them and has specific information on some rivers. Please help! Leave a comment on this post regarding any of the Costa Rica rivers that you know and we’ll update this.

Special thanks to GeoNet for getting the list of rivers published.

Pacuare River

Tumbling out of the Cordillera de Talamanca, the Pacuare River is iconic Costa Rican rafting. With the first descent occurring in 1980, the Pacuare is known for its rapids, scenery, and river lodges.

  • Recreation: Rafting, kayaking.
  • Flows into: The Caribbean.


The Reventazon was one of the most popular rivers to raft in Costa Rica. Over the years, its importance for hydroelectric power resulted in it being dammed in multiple locations. Today, no rafting occurs on it except for one section called the Florida Section, that’s Class II and III.

  • Recreation: Rafting
  • Flows into: The Caribbean

Rio Turrialba

This is the river that flows through the city of Turrialba. In 2021, this river had extreme flooding, which crested the riverbanks and went through town.

Rio Jesus Maria

Located in the Turrialba Valley, this river flows through the town of Aquiares. This town is home to the oldest coffee farm in the country and the river has the famous Aquiares waterfall.


Named after the fruit, the Pejibaye River is a beautiful river just outside of Turrialba. Recently, it was the location of the Costa Rica National Rafting Championships.

  • Recreation: Rafting, Kayaking, tubing.
  • Flows into: The Reventazon River.
Rio Gato
  • Not enough volume for kayaking or rafting.
  • Flows into: The Pejibaye
Rio Palmito
  • At the confluence of Rio Pejibaye (the end of Rio Palmito) is the furthest upstream put-in for rafting/kayaking the Pejibaye River.
  • Rio Palmito does not have enough volume for kayaking or rafting.
  • Flows into: The Pejibaye

San Juan

The San Juan River has a deep history due to it being the border river with Nicaragua and its use as a route between the Atlantic and the Pacific before the completion of the Panama Canal. The Cañas–Jerez Treaty of 1858 gave the river to Nicaragua but navigation rights to Costa Rica. This is the longest river in Costa Rica.

  • Recreation: Paddling
  • Flows into: The Caribbean


This river is popular for rafting for those in the La Fortuna area.

Térraba River

Also known as the Río Grande de Terraba, this river is formed at the confluence of the Rio General and the Coto Brus. According to Wikipedia, “The Térraba River is the largest hydrographic basin in Costa Rica, and its extension is 5,085 km²”

  • Recreation: Flat river boat tours
  • Flows into: Pacific Ocean

Zurqui River

The name is for the mountain that the river comes from which is “named after a tragic, Indian hero myth of lost love, wherein the hero is turned into a mountain and a princess is turned into butterflies” (source). There is a large waterfall on this river called “Catarata del Río Zurquí”.

Catarata del Río Zurquí. Photo by Diego Ugalde.
  • Recreation: Hiking

All The Rivers (not yet sorted – please help!)

Have a fun fact, or know a little or a lot about one of these rivers below? Leave a comment and we’ll update this post!

River Name
Brazo Del Rio Boyei
Brazo Del Rio Cañas
Brazo Del Rio Colorado
Brazo Del Rio Telire
Brazo Rio La Vaca
Rio Abangares
Rio Abrojo
Rio Abuy
Rio Acapulco
Rio Achiote
Rio Agres
Rio Agua Caliente
Rio Agua Fria
Rio Aguacate
Rio Aguas Gatas
Rio Aguas Verdes
Rio Aguas Zarcas
Rio Aguas Zarquitas
Rio Aguila
Rio Agujas
Rio Akum
Rio Alajuela
Rio Alumbre
Rio Andamojo
Rio Angel
Rio Aquiares
Rio Aranjuez
Rio Arenal
Rio Ario
Rio Atirro
Rio Azul
Rio Bagaces
Rio Balsa
Rio Balsar
Rio Bananito
Rio Banano
Rio Barba De Viejo
Rio Barbilla
Rio Barranca
Rio Barranquilla
Rio Barrigones
Rio Baru
Rio Barucito
Rio Bebedero
Rio Bejuco
Rio Belen
Rio Bermudez
Rio Bijagual
Rio Birris
Rio Biscoyol
Rio Bitey
Rio Blanco
Rio Blanco/Rio Victoria
Rio Blorikal
Rio Bocuares
Rio Bolson
Rio Bongo
Rio Bonilla
Rio Bonito
Rio Boro
Rio Boyei
Rio Brasilito
Rio Brujo
Rio Buenavista
Rio Burio
Rio Burrito
Rio Burro
Rio Cabagra
Rio Cabalceta
Rio Cabeza De Leon
Rio Cabuyo
Rio Cacao
Rio Cacao Mico
Rio Cahazas
Rio Cajon
Rio Caliente
Rio Camaron
Rio Camaronal
Rio Campana
Rio Caña Blanca
Rio Canalete
Rio Cañamazo
Rio Cañas
Rio Candelaria
Rio Cañita
Rio Cañitas
Rio Caño Ciego
Rio Caño Negro
Rio Caño Seco
Rio Cañuela
Rio Caracol
Rio Carara
Rio Carate
Rio Carbon
Rio Cardenas
Rio Cariblanco
Rio Cascajal
Rio Catanurio
Rio Ceibo
Rio Cerere
Rio Cerital
Rio Chachagua
Rio Chachagüita
Rio Chacuaco
Rio Chambacu
Rio Chan
Rio Changuena
Rio Charco
Rio Chimurria
Rio Chipanzo
Rio Chiquero
Rio Chiquito
Rio Chirripo
Rio Chirripo Pacifico
Rio Cimarrones Viejo
Rio Ciruelas
Rio Claro
Rio Cobano
Rio Coco
Rio Cocora
Rio Coen
Rio Coloradito
Rio Colorado
Rio Combate
Rio Concepcion
Rio Concora
Rio Conejo
Rio Congo
Rio Congria
Rio Conte
Rio Convento
Rio Copal
Rio Copey
Rio Corcovado
Rio Corinto
Rio Corobici
Rio Coronado
Rio Corozal
Rio Corozalito
Rio Corredor
Rio Cortez
Rio Costa Rica
Rio Cote
Rio Coto Brus
Rio Coto Colorado
Rio Coton
Rio Cristina
Rio Cuajiniquil
Rio Cuarros
Rio Cuarto
Rio Cucaracha
Rio Cucaracho
Rio Cuen
Rio Cuipilapa
Rio Culebra
Rio Curime
Rio Damas
Rio Dantas
Rio Del Sur
Rio Desenredo
Rio Desenrredito
Rio Desjarretado
Rio Destierro
Rio Diamante
Rio Diria
Rio Division
Rio Dominical
Rio Dos Novillos
Rio Drake
Rio Durazno
Rio Duruy
Rio El Charco
Rio El Dos
Rio El Muerto
Rio El Sol
Rio Empalme
Rio Enmedio
Rio Esparza
Rio Esperanza
Rio Espino
Rio Esquinas
Rio Estanque
Rio Esteron
Rio Estrella
Rio Fortuna
Rio Fresco
Rio Frio
Rio Gandoca
Rio Garzon
Rio Gato
Rio General
Rio Germania
Rio Gigante
Rio Goban
Rio Golfito
Rio Grande
Rio Grande De Terraba
Rio Guabas
Rio Guabito
Rio Guabo
Rio Guacalito
Rio Guacimal
Rio Guacimito
Rio Guacimo
Rio Guapiles
Rio Guapinol
Rio Guarial
Rio Guatuso
Rio Guayabito
Rio Guayabo
Rio Hatillo
Rio Hatillo Viejo
Rio Hernandez
Rio Higueron
Rio Hondo
Rio Hondura
Rio Hule
Rio Iguanita
Rio Incendio
Rio Indio
Rio Infiernito
Rio Isla
Rio Itiquis
Rio Jaba
Rio Jabilla
Rio Jabillo
Rio Jabillos
Rio Jabonal
Rio Jalapiedras
Rio Jaris
Rio Jerico
Rio Jesus Maria
Rio Jicarito
Rio Jicotea
Rio Jimenez
Rio Jorco
Rio Juan De Leon
Rio Kopper
Rio La Esperanza
Rio La Gloria
Rio La Mesa
Rio La Muerte
Rio La Palma
Rio La Paz
Rio La Rastra
Rio La Tigra
Rio La Vaca
Rio La Vieja
Rio Lagarto
Rio Lajas
Rio Lari
Rio Las Haciendas
Rio Las Palmas
Rio Lejano
Rio Lent
Rio Leona
Rio Lepanto
Rio Ley
Rio Liberia
Rio Libertad
Rio Limon
Rio Limoncito
Rio Limones
Rio Llorona
Rio Los Ahogados
Rio Machete/Rio Malvar
Rio Macho
Rio Machuca
Rio Madre De Dios
Rio Madrigal
Rio Magdalena
Rio Manzanillo
Rio Maravilla
Rio Maria Aguilar
Rio Marias
Rio Martirio
Rio Marzo
Rio Mastate
Rio Matapalo
Rio Matina
Rio Medio Quesito
Rio Medio Queso
Rio Mena
Rio Millal
Rio Milpa
Rio Mo
Rio Moin
Rio Mojon
Rio Molina
Rio Molino
Rio Momollejo
Rio Montano
Rio Montenegro
Rio Monteverde
Rio Montezuma
Rio Mora
Rio Moravia
Rio Morote
Rio Murcielago
Rio Nacaome
Rio Nandayure
Rio Naranjillo
Rio Naranjo
Rio Ñari
Rio Navarrito
Rio Navarro
Rio Negritos
Rio Negro
Rio Nilo
Rio Nimbotores
Rio Nimboyores
Rio Niñey
Rio Nosara
Rio Nuevo
Rio Olla 5
Rio Ora
Rio Oro
Rio Orosi
Rio Pacacua
Rio Pacuar
Rio Pacuare
Rio Paez
Rio Paires
Rio Palacios
Rio Palmas
Rio Palmito
Rio Palo Seco
Rio Palomo
Rio Panica
Rio Papaturro
Rio Paquita
Rio Para
Rio Para Blanco
Rio Paracito
Rio Parismina
Rio Parrita
Rio Parrita Chiquito
Rio Parruas
Rio Pascua
Rio Paso Ancho
Rio Pastate
Rio Pavo
Rio Pavon
Rio Paz
Rio Pedregoso
Rio Peje
Rio Pejebaye
Rio Pejeperro
Rio Pejibaye
Rio Peña
Rio Peñas Blancas
Rio Penjamo
Rio Perico
Rio Perros
Rio Pescadero
Rio Picagres
Rio Piedra
Rio Piedras
Rio Piedras Blancas
Rio Piedras Negras
Rio Pilas
Rio Pinilla
Rio Pinol
Rio Piro
Rio Pirris
Rio Pirris (Parrita)
Rio Pizote
Rio Platanar
Rio Platanares
Rio Platanillal
Rio Platanillo
Rio Plomo
Rio Poacito
Rio Poas
Rio Pocarito
Rio Pocosol
Rio Poro
Rio Porrosati
Rio Portalon
Rio Potrero
Rio Potrero Grande
Rio Pozo Azul
Rio Prendas
Rio Pueblo Viejo
Rio Puerto Viejo
Rio Punta Mala
Rio Purires
Rio Purisil
Rio Purral
Rio Quebrada Honda
Rio Quebradas
Rio Quequer
Rio Quiriman
Rio Quivel
Rio Raudales
Rio Rayito
Rio Reventado
Rio Reventazon
Rio Rey
Rio Rincon
Rio Riyito
Rio Roman
Rio Ron Ron
Rio Roncador
Rio Rosales
Rio Sabalito
Rio Sabalo
Rio Sabegre
Rio Sabogal
Rio Saino
Rio Salama Nuevo
Rio Salinas
Rio Salitral
Rio Salto
Rio Samadas
Rio Samen
Rio San Andres
Rio San Blas
Rio San Carlos
Rio San Fernando
Rio San Francisco
Rio San Geronimo
Rio San Jose
Rio San Josecito
Rio San Juan
Rio San Lazaro
Rio San Lorenzo
Rio San Miguel
Rio San Pedro
Rio San Rafael
Rio San Ramon
Rio Sandal
Rio Sandillal
Rio Santa Clara
Rio Santa Elena
Rio Santa Rita
Rio Santa Rosa
Rio Sapoa
Rio Sarapiqui
Rio Sarchi
Rio Sardina
Rio Sardinal
Rio Seco
Rio Segundo
Rio Seille
Rio Sierpe
Rio Silencio
Rio Singri
Rio Siquiares
Rio Siquirres
Rio Sirena
Rio Sixaola
Rio Sontoli
Rio Sorpresa
Rio Sucio
Rio Suerte
Rio Surubres
Rio Suruy
Rio Tabaco
Rio Tabarcia
Rio Tacares
Rio Tamales/Rio Agua Caliente
Rio Tambor
Rio Tapezco
Rio Taras
Rio Tarcoles
Rio Tarcolitos
Rio Tarrazu
Rio Telire
Rio Tempate
Rio Tempisque
Rio Tempisquito
Rio Teneri
Rio Tenorio
Rio Tenorito
Rio Tercero
Rio Terciopelo
Rio Terraba
Rio Tibas
Rio Tibio
Rio Tigre
Rio Tigrito
Rio Tiribi
Rio Tirimbina
Rio Tizate
Rio Toro
Rio Toro Amarillo
Rio Torres
Rio Tortuga
Rio Tortugero
Rio Toyogres
Rio Tres Amigos
Rio Trojas
Rio Tuba
Rio Tuis
Rio Tulin
Rio Turales
Rio Turrialba
Rio Turrubares
Rio Turrubaritos
Rio Tusubres
Rio Union
Rio Uren
Rio Uruca
Rio Uvita
Rio Valeria
Rio Vatsi
Rio Venado
Rio Veracruz
Rio Veraguas
Rio Verde
Rio Veren
Rio Viejo
Rio Villa Vieja
Rio Virilla
Rio Vizcaya
Rio Volcan
Rio Vueltas
Rio Xikiari
Rio Yorkin
Rio Zapotal
Rio Zapote
Rio Zent
Rio Zurqui

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