Named after the fruit and often overshadowed by the Pacuare River or even the Reventazon, our other local river, the Pejibaye (pronounced “Pay-He-Bah-Hay”) is a gem unto itself. We often run the Pejibaye as a warm-up lap for our hardshell kayaking guests, or those looking for an exciting pack rafting adventure on our 4-Day Ultimate trip. But what specifically makes the Pejibaye River so great?

  1. The scenery is spectacular. The jungle foliage oftentimes reaches across from river left to river right, and with the green light filtering through, it feels like you’re on a jungle river experience thought up by Walt Disney himself.
  2. The whitewater is consistent and beginner-friendly. The continuous flow of the rapids keeps you on your toes and if you’re just getting a feel for our pack rafts, or maybe you haven’t done a roll in a while, means the milder Class II and some III rapids are the perfect welcome back party for your skills.
  3. Access is easy. Some rivers in Costa Rica have shuttle drives that are more exciting than the rivers themselves but not the Pejibaye. With its close access to Turrialba and Route 408 following it from put-in to takeout (but out of view from the river) the shuttles are simple to set up and allow for fast laps if you’re running multiple trips.

Pejibaye is a fruit grown in Costa Rica. English readers might know it as a Peach Palm. The fruit is not sweet and has a complex taste described as a nutty sweet potato.

If you’re joining us on a trip we hope you’ll be able to get to experience the beauty of the Pejibaye. And if not, then trying the fruit will do!

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