Pacuare Pledge

Our promise to the Pacuare and Costa Rica

Our pledge

Fair Pay

The Pacuare Outdoor Center pays fair wages to our guides. This not only allows us to offer a more stable financial life to our employees, but it keeps the finest and most skilled professionals in the industry on our team.

Stewards of the Environment

Pacuare Outdoor Center focuses on conservation efforts to protect the Pacuare River basin. With over 120 hectares of land and 40 of them reforested through Pacuare Outdoor Center, our goal is to run our operation from start to finish keeping the impact on the environment only second to the safety of our clients

Community Outreach

Pacuare Outdoor Center has taken up numerous projects in and around the area, national and internationally. As a Costa Rica junior rafting team sponsor and a member of the Paddle for Peace Project in Colombia sponsored by the United Nations, the Pacuare Outdoor Center is always looking for more ways to center their company around making a difference before making a profit. This motivates the Pacuare Outdoor Center to be the elite example of running a dynamic business, giving back, and profit.


With an industry that has struggled with bureaucratic regulations, the Pacuare Outdoor Center is an operation that abides by the highest levels of safety. The Pacuare Outdoor Center is one of the few companies in Costa Rica recognized by the International Rafting Federation, allowing their guides to guide in any part of the world.

Fair Trade Tourism

Our approach to pricing reflects our dedication to quality, safety, and the overall health of Costa Rica’s adventure industry. We don’t compete on price; we focus on delivering unparalleled experiences that justify their value. In adventure tourism, the lowest price isn’t the goal—exceptional, safe, and responsible adventures are.