What to Pack

What to pack on your Costa Rica adventure vacation

2023 Pack list

Let’s get ready for your Costa Rica adventure

Please keep in mind that this packing list was built with our adventures in mind. If you have other experiences or tours planned during your stay in Costa Rica, many, if not all of the items on this list should be able to complement those trips.

Packing List – adventure items

Below is what we consider our bare minimum packing list for a comfortable Pacuare experience.

Swimsuit or board shorts x 2

Clothing that can get wet and is quick-drying

Sunglasses & chums

Whether they’re a nice pair of sunglasses or not, we suggest Chums/Croakies to make sure they stay on your head.


Helmets are required for rafting, but hats are nice for the hikes

Water bottle

With a handle or top that can be clipped with a carabiner.

Sunblock & chapstick

Please make sure it’s Reef Safe sunscreen.

Adventure footwear

Anything that won’t fall off your feet such as Chacos, Tevas, or Astrals.

Packing List – for the lodge

Similar to our adventure list above, we consider this to be the bare minimum. A nice attribute of the location of Rio Vista Lodge is that our luggage is shuttled to the lodge for us. Because of this, you are more than welcome to bring much more than the suggested list below. Bring whatever will make you comfortable during your visit.

Portable charger

Good for phones and headlamps.

Change of clothes

Comfortable clothing for after rafting. A sweatshirt or hoodie is a good idea too.


Flashlight or headlamp. Your phone light will work okay, but a dedicated light is better.

Bug spray

Bugs are not common at our lodge, but you’ll want to bring bug spray just in case.

Light rain jacket

A light rain jacket won’t get hot and packs small.

Quick dry towel

Lightweight and small these are a must


Small but important!

Flip flops

Or any comfortable shoes to change out of your wet ones.

The Miscellaneous List – small but important items


Costa Rica has windy roads, so if you’re prone to getting car sick, Dramamine is a safe bet.

GoPro & accessories

Not a requirement but nice to have for whitewater rafting and our zipline course.

Ziplock Bags

Handy to have for wet items on travel days