About Us

Established in 2003

We started running trips in 2003

And from that point, our goal has always been to run high-quality, authentic, Costa Rica adventures. With our initial focus being school groups, that’s what our business model consisted of up until the pandemic. Similar to other businesses during this time, the pause in tourism allowed us to re-evaluate our model, and what we found was that we loved running trips for everyone.

Why Choose Us

  1. Exceptional Guides: Our guides aren’t just skilled and knowledgeable; they’re charismatic, often humorous, and quickly feel like family. Their expertise and warm personalities ensure not just a safe journey, but a memorable and engaging one.
  2. Superb Accommodations: After a day full of adventure, our well-maintained facilities offer the perfect haven for relaxation and reflection. Each space is designed to enhance your experience, allowing you to unwind comfortably amidst nature.
  3. The Pacuare Pledge: Our Pacuare Pledge is more than a commitment; it’s our ethos. We’re dedicated to protecting the environment, supporting our local community, and upholding the natural beauty and cultural integrity of Costa Rica. When you join us, you’re part of this meaningful endeavor.

Choose us for an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary – a journey where excitement, comfort, and responsibility harmoniously blend.

We’re not done yet though. As a locally owned company with local guides, we are deeply invested in every aspect of our tours. This intimate connection to the Pacuare River and Turrialba area drives us to continually refine our offerings. We’re always innovating, introducing new trips, and ensuring our accommodations offer the warm, welcoming feel of home. With us, you don’t just embark on a journey; you experience the heart and soul of Costa Rica, curated by those who know and love it best.

Meet the owners

Tom Ranieri

With so much to talk about when it comes to one of the most diverse countries on the planet my message usually stays the same. After running memorable vacations in Costa Rica for 20 years and being a part of a pretty amazing tourism industry my favorite part about visiting Costa Rica is still what I see puts the smile on most of our guests faces.

The gem that keeps Costa Rica beautiful and makes it a place for adventure and happiness is not the waterfalls, not the rivers, nor the volcanos. The best of the best of Costa Rica is getting time to immerse yourself with the Costa Rican people.

Hard for any adventure or scenery to compete with the happiness of the Ticos. Although, I have seen a few kids that thought seeing a sloth up close was the coolest thing ever so those furry guys seem to be trying to make a case.

Thank you for making Pacuare Outdoor Center part of your Costa Rica vacation. We’re thrilled to host you and I look forward to meeting you.

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Ranieri Family Photo

Matt Volpert

A chance encounter at a small bus stop led me to meet the guides at Pacuare Outdoor Center. Inspired by their hospitality and friendship, I decided to join the team a year later. (Their amazing rivers and experiences helped too.) There is something special about this company, its trips, and Costa Rican culture that’s hard to put into words. I’m excited for you to discover it and see it for yourself.

Brittney and Matt