With our office and Rafting Center located in Turrialba, our guides and staff know the town and area well. Below is a list of our favorite activities and things to do in Turrialba.

1. Experience the Pacuare River

The Pacuare River is the prettiest river in the country with numerous waterfalls, epic canyons and spectacular wildlife. The whitewater is exciting too with a mix of Class II, III and IV. Turrialba is the main jumping-off point for getting to the Pacuare and it surely isn’t something to be missed.

What: Pacuare River Rafting
When: Available year-round.

2. Pack Raft the Pejibaye

If you only have half a day, then pack rafting or paddling the Pejibaye River is a great activity. The river has fairly consistent rapids, the water is so refreshing, and the shuttle drive is a piece of cake.

What: Pack Rafting the Pejibaye
When: Available year-round.

3. Turrialba Farmers Market

Every Friday and Saturday the old train tracks get converted into a covered farmers market where your mouth will water when you see all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what the USA Today had to say about it:

“If you’re a foodie in Turrialba, you must visit the weekly farmer’s market to see the bounty that this little agricultural village yields, and better yet, taste it. Every Friday and Saturday, local farmers bring their weekly harvest to town and line up to sell to the public. Prices are low and quality is the highest. Many restaurants and families alike purchase the week’s vegetables and fruits from these vendors.”

USA Today – https://10best.usatoday.com/destinations/costa-rica/san-jose/turrialba/shopping/turrialba-farmers-market/

What: Turrialba Farmers Market
When: Every Friday and Saturday

4. Chocolate Tour at Nortico Farms

On the way to the Pacuare River is Nortico Farms, which is a farm where they grow their cacao and make their own chocolate. The tours there are often led by the owner, and you’ll learn and see the entire process from start to finish, and of course, you get to taste along the way. This is a fantastic tour and we highly recommend it.

What: Cacao and chocolate tour
When: Available by appointment

5. Aquiares Coffee Farm Tour

Founded in 1890 this special coffee farm has deep roots in the Turrialba Valley. From seed to cup, this coffee farm tour is a highlight for coffee enthusiasts.

What: Aquiares Coffee Farm
When: Available by appointment

6. Canyoning

Located just outside of Turrialba in the beautiful town of Sitio Mata is Silencio Creek. This is an activity we do often, with our guests joining a canyoning (or canyoneering for our American guests) trip down our local creek.

What: Canyoning Silencio Creek.
When: Available as an add-on to 3-Day Raft+Zip

7. Turrialba Volcano

The second tallest volcano in Costa Rica, our local Volcano is worth a visit. And for the really adventurous folks, hiking up it to catch an amazing Costa Rica sunrise is the ultimate adventure (but requires a very early start).

What: Visit the Turrialba Volcano
When: Year-round

8. Cataratas las Trillizas

The Turrialba is home to many gorgeous and breathtaking waterfalls. Cataratas las Trillizas is considered one of the best. These three waterfalls are a short hike from the parking lot and worth the small entrance view.

What: Hike to the Cataratas las Trillizas
When: Year-round

9. Aquiares Waterfall

Looking for a closer waterfall than Cataratas las Trillizas? The Aquiares Waterfall trailhead is just ten minutes from Turrialba and offers a stunning view.

What: Explore Aquiares waterfall
When: Year-round, however, makes sure the Rio Turrialba is not running high and fast.

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