The combination of plentiful rainfall and unique topography add up to seemingly endless waterfalls in Costa Rica. These treasures are located everywhere in this country, oftentimes off the beaten path. While some are tourist destinations and are busy from sunrise to sunset, in Turrialba we have these waterfalls all over our valley and oftentimes, you’ll be the only person there.

Such is the case at Cataratas las Trillizas (Triplet Waterfalls). These are located in the small community of San Antonio de Santa Cruz de Turrialba, which is near the Turrialba Volcano. The name Triplet Falls comes from two of the waterfalls being right next to each other, and the third, the larger one, is a short one-minute away.

Hiking to the falls is straightforward. Once parked and entrance fees are paid, it’s a short fifteen-minute hike down to the falls. The trail is not difficult, perhaps moderate at its steepest point, but it can get muddy after a rain. The walk is about a mile down into the canyon and ends at the base of the first two falls. Walking to the third, larger, waterfall is about 50 meters away but take it slow as the rocks can be very slippery.

Overall this is a great waterfall to visit on its own, or in addition to seeing the Turrialba Volcano.

Google Map directions.

Header photo courtesy of Cataratas las Trillizas Facebook page.

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