The Pacuare River is more than just rapids and waterfalls. It’s a rainforest, a jungle, and small creeks that lead to hidden swimming holes. Of course, there are ziplines too, hiking trails, and wildlife! So much wildlife, more than any you’ll see on any river in the United States. And this takes time to see. You can’t rush through it or else you’ll miss what makes the Pacuare the Pacuare. That’s why we don’t offer a single-day trip. You would miss the important details of this beautiful river. Imagine driving to the Grand Canyon, getting to the parking lot, glancing at the rim, and then driving away. Sure, you saw the Grand Canyon, but did you experience it? The same goes for the Pacuare River. It’s tempting to rush through and do a day trip. You’ll get great rapids, and see some amazing canyons as you float through it, but you’ll miss the important details of this incredible river corridor. You’ll miss the sloths. You’ll blink past the unnamed creeks that offer refreshing swims. You’ll skip the jump rocks. I encourage you to spend just a little more time and consider a multi-day trip. Get to know the Pacuare and see why it’s so loved and cherished.

Longer trips offer the following:

And even better? On our longer Pacuare trips, you’re spending less time on shuttles and more time on the water.

Most guests book our 3-Day Raft + Zip Pacuare rafting trip for a reason. It’s the perfect blend of adrenaline-pumping rapids, serene rainforest exploration, and luxurious relaxation at Rio Vista Lodge. Imagine yourself rafting Class IV rapids, soaring through the jungle canopy on our zipline, then cooling off with a dip in a hidden waterfall. It’s a trip that can’t be beaten. We hope you choose it to see why the Pacuare is the Pacuare.

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