How cold is the Pacuare River? This is a common question, and good news for our friends who are used to rafting with wetsuits and drysuits – they’re not needed here!

tom ranieri packrafting the pacuare river

The Pacuare River water is warm and comfortable. While you might need a splash jacket to keep the water off of you from the whitewater (and there’s a lot of whitewater on the Pacuare River), you won’t need it due to cold river temps.

How warm is it? While there isn’t any automated water temperature monitoring, I have been occasionally checking it myself. Moving forward I’ll try my best to update the table below at least once a month, but hopefully with greater frequency than that. My process isn’t scientific because my location changes, but it’s good enough for our information and to share here on this blog post.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy)Location/NotesWater Temp (F/C)
11/30/23Rio Vista Lodge, high water70.3 / 21.2
3/24/24San Martin Put-In, low water74.5 / 23.6

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