The Camino de Costa Rica is a 280-kilometer-long hiking trail that runs across Costa Rica from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Also known as the Mar a Mar, the trail takes approximately 16 days to complete and passes through more than 100 communities, reserves, national parks, indigenous territories, and national routes. The trail is primarily composed of rural roads, and paths through a wide variety of terrain, altitudes, and microclimates.

And the best part? (At least to us.) You pass through the town of Tres Equis, which is right next to the start of our 3-Day Pacuare Raft+Zip trip on the Pacuare River.

Sendero is Spanish for “Trail”

If you’re planning a Mar a Mar we encourage you to pause at Tres Equis and join us on a trip as many other hikers have done. You’ll be treated to the best river in Costa Rica, warm and comfortable accommodations at Rio Vista Lodge, and amazing meals prepared by our river chefs. And when the trip is over, we’ll drive you back to Tres Equis so you can continue your journey.