Portions of the United States will see a total solar eclipse this upcoming spring on April 8, 2024. Costa Rica, which is south of the narrow band that offers totality, will get a partial eclipse of just over 12% of the moon covering the sun. This partial eclipse will peak at 12:24 PM.

Every 18 months or so—somewhere in the world—a total solar eclipse takes place.
The total phase of the eclipse, where the Moon completely covers the Sun, is visible from along a narrow path of totality. Typically, this path across the globe is around 15,000 km (9000 miles) long, but only about 150 km (90 miles) wide.

Time and Date, (link)

When will Costa Rica get a total solar eclipse? Set a calendar reminder, as it’s not for a while. On November 14, 2031, Costa Rica is in the narrow band allowing for a total solar eclipse to occur.

Even though the April 8 event will be minor in Costa Rica we still plan on setting a reminder to take a look at 12:24 PM. If you end up watching the eclipse make sure you wear appropriate solar eclipse glasses!

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