There’s no shortage of crime in Costa Rica, and it’s not just a matter of theft when it comes to belongings or cars. Kidnappings and burglaries are part of the crime scene in certain parts of Costa Rica.

Even with the crime in certain areas as when traveling anywhere travelers continue to flock to this country due to its various attractions. Be sure to do your homework before heading to Costa Rica. Know how to stay safe and maximize your time here and 99% of the time crime will not be an issue.

is costa rica safe for families?


So, is Costa Rica Safe for families?

With its beautiful beaches, rainforests, and laid-back culture, Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for travel.

Like many other countries, Costa Rica struggles with drug trafficking. Still, Costa Rica manages to remain one of the safer countries in the region.

Staying safe in Costa Rica is certainly possible for visitors. It is always best to travel with greater awareness of possible dangers that may arise. Risks can come from any direction, but if you are aware of them, you can mitigate them and make sure you are prepared for anything!

Many services have been developed to support tourism, whether a package holiday touring the country with reputable tour operators or visiting one of the many all-inclusive hotels.

However, what makes costa Ricans proudest is their natural beauty, from the cloud forests in the central mountain regions to the humid tropical dry forest that extends through Central American down into South America or the white sand beaches fringed by palm trees. The lush virgin rainforest is home to some of the world’s rarest species, monkeys, alligators, and jaguars.

Many tourists think the jungle and all the natural surroundings are dangerous. This is not a factor when answering is Costa Rica safe for families. There is probably a better chance of getting struck by lightning than having a dangerous encounter with Costa Rican wildlife. With this said though as always it is better to be on the side of caution and pay attention to your local guides.

Is Costa Rica safe to travel for families?

Yes, it is totally safe for families. Enjoy a variety of family-friendly activities in Costa Rica. Hit up an incredible adventure park or go whitewater rafting in the rainforest.

Go horseback riding on the beach or zip-line through the jungle. Explore rainforests, volcanoes, and pristine beaches: you’ll never run out of things to do in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is full of surprises. While you will undoubtedly love its well-known beaches and jungles, you’ll be amazed at the country’s excellent play spots for kids: paddle boats, iguanas in the streets, and wild monkeys at the market. But don’t forget to check frequently your little ones; they are speedy!


Is Driving Safe?

Driving in Costa Rica is not recommended for beginners. You’ll be driving on mostly dirt roads, along with a lot of road construction going on as Costa Rica is making efforts to improve infrastructure. The fun part about driving is that you could face anything from wandering pack animals on the highway to imprompt river crossings that leave your car covered in mud.

Being an experienced driver in Costa Rica doesn’t matter much if you don’t have your car. With a car rental, you can drive your choice of hundreds of cars, including small sedans, jeeps, and four-wheel drives that easily cross rivers and rutted trails. Keep it simple and go with a 4×4 and if you have your choice go with a Toyota.


Is it safe to take taxis?

A taxi is an easiest and quickest way to travel in Costa Rica, and they can get you to most places a lot cheaper than renting a care for short distances.

The only worry is that they don’t have the best reputation for honesty, so use common sense when getting inside one and tell your driver where you want to go immediately, so they don’t take any weird routes or stop randomly if it’s not what you want.


What about public transportation?

Public transportation is cheap and safe in Costa Rica and very easy to navigate, as you can see the place in the front of the bus. The buses are primarily new and clean and will be safe as long as you know your surroundings and do not travel too late at night.

If you begin to feel unsafe at any time during the bus journey, it is essential to let the bus driver or police know. They will be more than happy to help.

Luggage on a bus is a dangerous place to stow your bag. Anyone can access your bags, and if you have valuable items, they could be stolen by other passengers. You can store the luggage under the bus, and it is safer.

Is the food safe to eat?

The food in Costa Rica is excellent. The best way to say it would be “fresh.” The average person will be perfectly safe eating at most establishments in Costa Rica, and with food handling standards on the rise in the country, you can expect things to get even safer.

Costa Rica is filled with fantastic Food. You will not be upset with the fresh fruit smoothies to the enormous plate of fried plantains or rice and beans.


Is it safe to rent an Airbnb?

Rent an Airbnb in Costa Rica, and you’ll be staying in stunning private villas, plush apartments, cozy treehouses, and luxurious homes. Each with its unique style, they’re inviting spaces for creative escapes, inspired travel, thrilling adventures, and lifelong memories.

Airbnb hosts are friendly folk who love sharing tips on the best sights to see and the best places to eat. Costa Rica is brimming with endless activities, rainforests bursting with life, and sun-drenched beaches.


And, Finally

For any traveler, Costa Rica may seem like a unique travel destination. With its exotic climate, beautiful beaches, and variety of natural wonders, it’s not hard to see why. However, there are several safety factors you should look into when traveling here. We have answered a list of common questions that will help you make your trip as smooth and safe as possible.