Travel Like You Lost a Year; and Start with Costa Rica

If you are like most, you are probably dreaming about your next big trip. Many people are already booking trips, and the pandemic isn’t even over. Chances are you fall into the category of just thinking if you made it this far without traveling, you mine as well wait until the pandemic is over or sizzled out enough to where most restrictions are removed. Once this happens, it’s travel time, and the only issue you will have to deal with then is where to go? In this post, we can state a pretty good case for why you should visit Costa Rica after the pandemic.


Don’t Go Crazy on Your First Trip Post- COVID

Some of us will be thinking we have to make up for a lost time. This is true but at the same time, we need to make sure we enjoy each trip before thinking of the next because we have so many pent-up emotions to travel.

Others will probably be happy with any trip that doesn’t involve the couch at their home, but once you start taking a serious look, you probably want to consider a few things. We thought these are the three things that would make Costa Rica a more attractive destination for those flying from North America than other destinations. If you are wondering if we are biased, the answer is absolutely but at least hear us out, and you can make your own opinion if Costa Rica is the best destination for a post-pandemic adventure.


4 Reasons Costa Rica might be your best choice

Here are four reasons why we think Costa Rica is the destination you should visit after the pandemic. If you need some more reasons we got a few more to try and convince you but it shouldn’t take much after the pandemic.



The first reason is the location. Costa Rica sits literally in the center of Central America. Central America hence the name, sits in the center of the two American continents. This makes getting to Costa Rica not extremely close to anything but also not extremely far. After the pandemic, we want to take a big trip but maybe not go too crazy to get our travel mojo back in tune with all that is involved with traveling. Not only is the distance attractive to feel like a big trip but still not anything too crazy, but you also have to consider the time zone. Costa Rica is (surprise-surprise!) in the Central time zone. This means you won’t have to deal with any jet lag, and the last thing we want to deal with on our first trip is jet-lag.

The location also comes into play after you have arrived in Costa Rica. Much of Costa Rica is rural, but it is so small, and you are never too far from a domestic or international airport. You might be wanting to get as far away from everything as possible, which we all can relate to.

After the pandemic, but let’s remember, our furry friends at home might not be used to us being gone for a week after being with us 24/7. As a result, with the families taking off on family vacations, there is likely a spike in pet-stress or depression.

This might not be a major issue for many people, and probably only us crazy pet lovers will understand, but there will be a handful of pet owners that were glad they could get home quickly because their furry friend wasn’t eating.


The People

For the second reason why Costa Rica might be the best post-pandemic destination, we have to say it is the people. Yep, Costa Rica’s people are incredibly kind and inviting to foreigners and are ready to get their tourism industry back up and running. We have been locked up for a year, and we have no idea where our non-virtual meeting social skills stand. Take a trip to Costa Rica, and the people will be one less thing you have to worry about (for the most part; I can’t speak on behalf of almost 5 million people, but the odds are in your favor, I promise you).

Let’s also be honest. The year 2020, no matter which political side you were on, was quite embarrassing for the US. A country that was looked up to by many is now looked at internationally quite differently. Do we know how the local people in other countries will receive us after lifting our veil on the level of hate we are capable of in the US.

One thing for sure. With all the hate and craziness that was on the news in 2020, the Costa Rican’s are pretty good at only judging people after they met them. This certainly makes Costa Rica a great spot to visit after the pandemic. They, as an entire country, don’t generalize an opinion based on a bunch of news.

This probably comes from who they are as a country and the friendships that many Costa Ricans have made over the years with citizens of the US. 


Everything is Open-Air

The third and final reason we stand with our biased opinion of Costa Rica being the best country to re-start your travel hobby is that everyone needs to get outside and get a little active. Costa Rica is a country where everything is open air. It is made for post-pandemic trips allowing you to do the opposite of quarantine.

Along with being outside, Costa Rica is a mecca for adventure sports, and getting active outside is something we could all use right now. The excitement area of our brain has been numb by Netflix and webinars for the last year. It’s time to feed ourselves a little excitement and remind ourselves how it feels to be alive and just how much fun life is!

One thing for sure. After over a year of not traveling internationally, we will all probably suffer from the paradox of choice, which is the last thing we need is more stress. Try and keep it easy, and know you can’t go wrong with a Costa Rica adventure.

We Need it

Anyone in international tourism knows that the industry has been hammered—one of the first to close down and one of the last that will re-open.

Most countries that have tourism as one of their main incomes certainly need tourism to start back up. Costa Rica needs tourism to start back up even more than many other countries.

Tourism is one of Costa Rica’s main incomes. The majority of the tourism businesses here are owned by locals, which is a beautiful thing but doesn’t help during a pandemic. Areas like Cancun certainly need tourism to rev back up, but Mexico is a large country with a lot more going on.

Costa Rica and many other countries whose tourism industry affects almost every household in the country are the places that make sense to visit first after the pandemic.

Visit Costa Rica after the pandemic for you and for those you will be visiting. We look forward to seeing you soon!