To Flush or Not to Flush: Toilet Paper in Costa Rica

A question often arises among travelers to Costa Rica: Is it acceptable to flush toilet paper? The answer varies by location. In some places, such as resorts, plumbing systems can handle toilet paper. However, this is not the case everywhere.

In some parts of Costa Rica, especially in older buildings or rural areas, plumbing is more delicate, and flushing toilet paper may lead to blockages. Here, you’ll often find a waste bin beside the toilet for used paper.

Being in a rural area, our plumbing system is not set up to handle toilet paper, so we ask guests to use the waste bin at Rio Vista Lodge and Turrialba Vista.

To avoid plumbing woes, it’s best to observe local practices. If you see a bin provided, use it. This practice, while different from what many are used to, helps maintain the local sanitation infrastructure.

In summary, while you can flush toilet paper in many places in Costa Rica, it’s important to heed signs and local customs to ensure you’re respecting the local sanitation systems.