Canyoneering in Costa Rica

Another passion. We have many passions here at POC and many things that make up the daily #poclife. Canyoneering is like rafting. With steep mountains and rain, that makes for many many waterfalls here in Costa Rica. Here at POC, we discover new waterfalls every couple of months. We love rappeling down canyons and seeing corners of Costa Rica.

Canyoneering is the experience of setting up climbing ropes, putting on climbing harnesses, and rappeling down a waterfall into a canyon with the waterfalls following you down until you reach the bottom. It’s a thrill and adventure that completely immerses you in the adventure.

We are always excited to work with our guests on ensuring we find the perfect amount of biking for them during each tour, whether it’s just a bit or they are like our guides and only get off the bike to paddle.