Sitio Mata Homestay Project

Authentic, Costa Rican immersion

Spanish Immersion

Welcome to Sitio de Mata

Sitio de Mata is a small community located 15 minutes from Turrialba and 30 minutes from the Pacuare River.

For our student travel trips, we created a homestay project in the small town of Sitio Mata. Started in 2009, the project has become an enormous success and is typically the highlight of the week for the students. These authentic accommodations in the heart of Costa Rica are fun, family-oriented, and immersive.

Community Impact
Since we launched our homestay project in Sitio Mata in 2009 it has had an enormous impact on the community. We pay our homestay families more than any other organization or student travel company in Costa Rica. The benefits of this have been numerous, with some of the most important including: Building a community center, sending homestay kids to college, building and improving our neighborhood bus stops, improving access to medical care for our homestay families, home remodels, and more. We are incredibly proud of what we have done with this community, all thanks to the student groups that travel with us.

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