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Close your eyes and picture this: a gentle cooling breeze, the soothing sounds of rushing water, exotic bird calls to greet the day, and a bright star filled, jet black sky at night.

Here at the POC, we get to experience these delights everyday. Our remote location allows you to experience the glories of Mother Nature the way it was intended......without the distraction of unnecessary technology. It is unusual. It is unique. And it is an experience you are not likely to forget. We love our POC, and we hope you will, too!


Originally from Ocala Florida, Tom has been enjoying the Costa Rican “pura vida” for almost 20 years now! He came to Costa Rica to work as a river guide on the Pacuare, and fell in love with the natural beauty and friendly people of the area. Although Costa Rica boasts many beautiful and diverse places, the mighty Pacuare sits at the top of the list for Tom. This connection led him to open the POC so he could share his love of nature, fun, and adventure with others.


Ask any river guide in Costa Rica and they will tell you about Marlon! A member of Costa Rica’s National Rafting team for the last six years, Marlon has also competed in two World Rafting Championships. Growing up near Turrialba, Marlon practically knows every rock and eddy on the river. A true professional, Marlon is in charge of day to day operations as well as safety protocols for adventure activities at the POC. We all want to have fun, and Marlon makes sure we do it safely.


Originally from Puerto Rico, Vivi came to Costa Rica to complete a degree in Sustainable Eco-tourism. After falling in love with the country, and her husband Louis, she decided to stay! Vivi runs the show in the office, helping with reservations and scheduling. She also serves as a consultant to ensure we are using best practices in ecological sustainability.


Also native to the area, Luigi has been rafting the Pacuare since he could lift a paddle. He is, quite simply, one of the most complete guides you will ever find. His outdoor skills are limitless, as is his knowledge of Costa Rica’s history, flora, and fauna. We call him the “Presidential Guide,” because he accompanied the President of Costa Rica rafting on the Pacuare the day he signed a decree not to dam the river! This came as a fitting tribute to the fact that Luigi has devoted much of his non-work related time to environmental activism and protection.


Just watch Enrique for a day and you may come to suspect he has found the fountain of youth. What a work ethic! A true man of the land, Enrique does a wonderful job maintaining the lodge’s structures and its pathways in the rapidly growing jungle vegetation. The man can do wonders with a machete!

Associated Personnel

  • Pablo - An excellent all around adventure guide with experience rafting many rivers in Costa Rica and an expert in everything canopy. A master of slang words in Tico Spanish if you are looking to expand your vocabulary with a few good phrases.
  • Popeye/Luis - A veteran of three World Kayak Championships (!), Louis serves as one of our safety kayakers to escort us down river. His mom named him Luis, but this Popeye looks like he has eaten plenty of spinach!
  • Rafita - Fresh off his college degree in EcoTourism, he loves to help kids enjoy the outdoor activities of Costa Rica. Also, he is quite an accomplished card trick impresario.