When traveling to Costa Rica, a common concern is the safety of drinking water. The good news? In most areas, the water is indeed safe to consume. Costa Rica has invested heavily in water treatment and sanitation, ensuring that tap water in cities and many rural areas meets international standards.

However, the answer isn’t uniform across the country. In remote locations, the purity of water can vary. Therefore, it’s wise to inquire locally or opt for bottled water if the source is questionable. Additionally, those with sensitive stomachs may prefer to stick with bottled water to avoid any potential disruption from the change in mineral content.

For an eco-friendly approach, consider using a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter. This choice not only assures the water you drink but also reduces plastic waste, aligning with Costa Rica’s dedication to environmental preservation.

In conclusion, while you can drink the water in many places in Costa Rica, a cautious traveler might choose bottled or filtered water depending on the location and their health.