Most dangerous things in Costa Rica

Wondering what the most dangerous thing in Costa Rica is? Don’t worry; we’ve got you.

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places to visit on your vacation. As a traveler, you get to see lots of lovable and friendly people, beautiful beaches, wildlife, and many more things which can make your trip more memorable and enjoyable.

But wait, Costa Rica is a gorgeous country, no doubt. But, it also has a dark side that can be very dangerous for you if proper care is not taken.

In simple words, there can be many dangers in Costa Rica that one should be aware of. And here we are going to talk about the same.

Snakes are generally considered the most dangerous in Costa Rica. Because there are 140 species of snake available and around 22 of them are known to be very poisonous and can even lead to death.

That is why it’s recommended to be on alert always. Whenever you see any snake, inform your guide ASAP.

Most Dangerous Creatures In Costa Rica You Must Know About

Let’s just accept it; Costa Rica is a small and very beautiful country. Most people focus only on this and forget to prepare for the dark aspect of it.

Apart from the snakes, there are many more dangerous creatures that you need to be aware of. Otherwise, you can be in some trouble. This is why it’s essential to know about them before visiting Costa Rica.

After in-depth research, we’ve constructed a definite list of the most dangerous creatures that you should know about before visiting Costa Rica.


In Costa Rica, there are almost 14 species of scorpions available. And every single of them has a different appearance, sounds interesting and dangerous both, right?

A bite from the Scorpio won’t lead you to death, but it could land you in the hospital because the pain can be insane.

Unluckily if any scorpion bites you, start washing the infected area with soap and water. Most likely, within an hour, everything will be okay. If not, contact your doctor.

Puma, Jaguars, Cougars, and Many More Big Cats

Another creature that is quite common to see in Costa Rica. If any big cat attacks you, it can be the cause of your death. But probably, it won’t happen. Just don’t provoke them and try to stand still. Most likely, they will leave you peacefully.


There are not that many dangerous spiders. But still, some can be very poisonous, and you need to avoid them.

Whenever you encounter any spider, just make sure you don’t provoke them. Otherwise, they can attack you.

Poison Dart Frogs

You may think that frogs are not that dangerous. But let me tell you, my friend, some of these tiny size creatures can be very harmful. Never underestimate them just because of their small size.


In Costa Rica, the number of crocodiles is increasing. In the Northern Hemisphere, Costa Rica has the most number of deaths from crocodiles.


Centipedes can lead any human to death with just one bite as their venom is dangerous and can also cause extreme pain.

The Bull Shark

Anyone going swimming in Costa Rica should be aware of the bull shark. In most cases, they may not be aggressive at all. But remember, it won’t take a second for them to get into that zone. So, be attentive.

Also, they are being reported to be seen in freshwater, so be sure to take precautions whenever going in rivers or lakes.

Apart from all these creatures, small insects like ants and mosquitos can also be a big danger. Dangerous ants like fire ants, bullets ants, etc., can cause very extreme pain.

And mosquitos, the major danger from them is diseases like Malaria and Dengue. But you can easily avoid mosquitoes with the help of repellents.

Also, stay in touch with your doctor to get help at the right time.

Criminals Can Also Be a Big Danger For You

In recent times, the rate of crimes has decreased in Costa Rica. But still, it’s not completely vanished, so make sure to stay on alert. Especially if you are a woman and traveling alone, it is a must for you to take extra precautions. Because recently, the cases of sexual assault have increased.

However, here’s what you need to keep in mind to avoid any kind of crimes in Costa Rica:

  • When going out, avoid carrying lots of money and your passport
  • Never ever leave anything valuable in an open area; otherwise, it will disappear very soon
  • Try to travel in a group when going out late at night or early morning
  • Whenever you are in public or traveling through public transportation, be very attentive to your surroundings
  • Be very careful in the areas where the numbers of tourists are high because thieves are mostly roaming there

5 Tips To Keep In Mind

Here are 5 tips for you to have a safe trip to Costa Rica.

  1. Avoid being flashy with your clothes or anything else, as it can reduce the risk of getting noticed by thieves.
  2. If traveling by taxi, make sure to take the authorized one.
  3. Always get travel insurance so that you can stay protected from unwanted events like robbery, illnesses, injury, etc.
  4. Watch out for any kind of insects or animals. If you feel threatened, inform your guide.
  5. Avoid staying in isolated areas because the risk of robbery is much higher there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Most Dangerous Insect In Costa Rica?

Well, there are many, but bullet ants are known to be the most dangerous.

Is Costa Rica Safe?

Yes, it is. You just need to take proper precautions, and you will be fine.

What Are The Safest Areas Of Costa Rica?

Tamarindo, Puerto Viejo and Drake Bay are considered to be the safest part of Costa Rica.


So, Costa Rica is a perfect place if you want to go on a vacation. It is mostly a safe country but still, there can be some dangers that you need to look out for. Some deadly creatures can harm you, but taking proper precautions and being careful can help you in avoiding them and have a great journey.