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3 Nights 4 days POC Jungle Inmersion

Price: $535 /Person based on group of 6 people

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Day 1 --- Rafting Class II & III / Tarzan Swing

Tarzan Swing

Meals: Lunch & Dinner (Happy Hour)

Today your adventure will begin at La Cruz, located near Turrialba (Transportation provided upon request). Our rafting crew will be waiting for you to get you ready for your rafting adventure.

After lunch we will paddle another 40 minutes to the POC. Here you'll take a 10 minute trek through the jungle to get to our Lodge and be blown away by the breath-taking views of the Pacuare River Canyon and surrounding mountains.

Once you get settled you can enjoy the views or you can join us for our Tarzan Hour. We do this with all our groups at 4pm. During the Tarzan Hour we take you to our Tarzan Swing which is located in the same location as our Lodge and cabins and you get to experience one of the most adrenaline pumping Tarzan swings you will find in the Americas.

This is a great activity for the afternoon and if your not up for the rush you can watch for our viewing area while enjoying a cup of coffee or simply relax at the lodge.

In the evening we will have dinner prepared for you while you listen to the rainforest come to life as the sun dips and the night begins.

Day 2 --- Hike to Indigenous / Tubing

Whitewater Tubing

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner (Happy Hour)

Today is a chance to visit one of the most remote areas in all of Costa Rica. The hike to the indigenous village of Tsiobata is not only a chance to trek through beautiful rainforest but it also is an opportunity to look and see how the natives live. You will be exposed to some of the ancient traditions but also their modern struggles. This is an educational tour that is a strenuous hike and requires an open mind. We will leave the POC after breakfast and arrive to the village slightly before lunch. We will have the chance to visit the school and a few homes in the area. If you are up for an even farther trek we can go deeper into the Jungle and visit a 100ft waterfall. Lunch will be served at the village and a chance to meet some of our closest friends from the area.

In the afternoon after we hike down we will take a slightly different route to have us about 5 rapids above the POC. Here we will have tubes for everyone and take on five our our favorite rapids in only inner-tubes. This is an unforgettable adventure and a chance to have a simple little class II rapid feel like the biggest rapid of your life. We will have the opportunity to run the same section numerous times and spend the afternoon hanging out on the river bank until we head back to relax at the lodge.

Day 3 --- Zipline / Waterfall Jumping

Waterfall Jumping

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner (Happy Hour)

Today you will wake up to the sun rising over the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

Our lodge has views in the morning directly down the canyon towards the Caribbean.

The mornings offer the true essence of the rainforest as the mist rises off the mountains. You can spend the early morning sitting in the rocking chairs outside your cabin or come to our main area and get ready for another hearty Tico breakfast.

Today we have a full day of fun and adventure. We will start out by doing five different ziplines that all run around the length of four football fields each. Not only are they long and fast but they offer the best views you will find anywhere of the Pacuare River. Then we will take a three minute hike back to the Lodge where we will have some lunch and an hour of down time.

After lunch it is time to take a trek through the jungle to one of the most pristine waterfalls you will find at the Pacuare River. The best part of this adventure is it allows the kid in all of us to be released. When we arrive to the 25 foot edge looking out over the beautiful falls you would expect to hear "DON'T JUMP!", well today its a little different. Your guide will show you the proper way to jump and land as you will learn there is only one way down! Welcome to one of our newest and favorite Adventures at the POC -- Waterfall Jumping!.

In the evening it is full relax mode at the Lodge with a chance to reminisce about the full day of adventure.


Day 4 --- Rafting Class III & IV

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Get ready for a day of class IV rafting! This day is also the most scenic day of rafting in all of Costa Rica.

You will be rafting through canyon rock walls that rise straight up 200ft and pass by waterfalls that fall 150ft into the river. This truly is a magical day from start to finish.

Today you will be served another delicious lunch by your river guides.

After we take out of the river in the town of Siquirres you will have the chance to change and shower into some clean clothes and say farewell to your new family at the POC (Transportation provided upon request).


Is this Adventure for Us?

  • This trip involves class III & IV rafting meaning you will wet and there is a chance you can fall out of the raft.
  • Our age limit is 12 but you can contact us for options with younger children (Extra Guide depending on water level)

What to Bring?

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Watershoes
  • Bathing Suit & T-shirt for Rafting
  • Dry Shorts & T-Shirt for ride back
  • Towel

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