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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at the POC is something we take on with a passion. Our parent company Costa Rican Resource was the birthplace for our Outfitter and Lodge. Costa Rican Resource is a student and family travel company that organizes eco-educational trips from the most advanced biology university classes to simply wanting your students to cure some Nature-Deficit Disorder. Our philosophy of education is based on experimential education which focuses on direct experiences and time to reflect on that which is being learned.

POC also has many different structured educational events, along with having naturalists/guides that enjoy birding from the restaurant, talking about trees in the canopy, or offering night hikes to experience the rainforest coming to life.

Pantera Organization Visit - The Pantera Organization is the only organization in the world completely dedicated to the protection of large cats. Their team of biologists and government officials are on the front line across the globe to prevent poachers, conflict between environmentalist and farmers, conserve cat habitats, and emphasize that everyone involved needs a voice. Their presentation at the POC is often one that leaves many of our guests in awe and wonder of the life and struggles of being a large cat in the tropics.

ACACED Asociación Costarricense de Acuarismo para la Conservación de los Ecosistemas Dulceacuícolas

An educational experience at POC that our guests love is when we invite ACACED to join us for a morning of getting our hands dirty, research, and playing in the river. ACACED is an association that protects rivers through studying the fish life in order to keep tabs on how healthy rivers are. They ultimately protect the oceans by keeping rivers healthy as one flows into the other.

During your educational lesson at POC you will trap and examine different species of fish and observe fish characteristics that indicate how healthy a river is. You can also test for the PH level of a river with ACACED showing you first hand just how healthy the living Pacuare River is during your stay!