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Here at the Pacuare Outdoor Center we live in a country that is known for protecting a high percentage of it's land and biodiversity. Even with this mentality in Costa Rica, environmental threats are a very real issue. Pacuare Outdoor Center stays involved with the protection of the Pacuare River against dams, forest loss, and a socio-economic benefit for all neighboring locals. Here are a few of the ways POC has been involved and will continue to be involved.

- Large Cat Corridor

One of the most vital corridors for large cats in all of the Americas passes right through the Pacuare River and our lodge. POC has been involved in placing cameras and working with the Pantera Organization to provide a better understanding of the patterns of large cats in the tropics. Having a better understanding of large cats which include the famous Jaguar is of vital importance to the entire ecosystem.

- Forest Conservation

The conservation of forest in Costa Rica has been up and down for the last 30 years. The net outcome has fortunately been up but as an environmentalist you can never let your guard down in any area. The Pacuare River happens to be an area of utmost importance to forest conservation. Pacuare Outdoor Center not only works on their property with re-establishing forest but also with neighboring properties and working with farmers and cattle ranchers, to promote conservation on a larger scale.

- River Conservation

What would large cats and forest be without the river and vice versa? Conservation of rivers in Costa Rica is the environmentalist biggest challenge. In a country that boasts of operating on clean energy many of those bragging rights come from damming rivers. Unfortunately, Costa Rica has gotten to a point where more rivers are dammed than necessary and anything else would simply be energy for export. The Pacuare River stands alone with natural beauty, economic value to tourism industry, and home to many indigenous families. It will be an on going battle to protect the Pacuare River but as of today the environmentalists are in the lead with a government decree to keep the river safe and dam free for the next 20 years.