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Looking for a trip longer than our three day Pacuare adventure? With Pacuare Outdoor Center having so many experiences and owning as many facilities as we do, building a custom vacation to create your perfect Costa Rica getaway is something that we offer and specialize in. Typically, these are available for groups with a minimum size of 4, however, we encourage smaller groups to still get in touch with us as we can often times align your party with other groups.

  • In addition to the experiences listed on our website, other activities available include rappelling, hiking our local volcano, mountain biking, cultural tours, and much more.

  • Groups are assigned a vacation specialist who will help plan and organize your itinerary. You won’t be “passed around” from agent to agent like other travel companies.

  • The level of support is up to you: We can cater to your party from airport pick up all the way through airport drop off and everything in between. Or just experiences. Or just accommodations. Entirely up to you, and we’re happy to discuss all options.

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Please fill out the form below and a vacation specialist will arrange an introductory Zoom meeting with you to learn about your group and what you’re ideal package looks like.