Pacuare river hotels

There are great places in the world and for sure and to be able to stay near those places is impressive too. When looking for a holiday spot, we always take into consideration, facilities, accessibility, price, and view and when we find such a place it’s just the icing on the cake.

Wanting to have the perfect trip in the ideal place is always a must and you could benefit a lot from it as top-notch places offer a variety of amenities making your already incredible experience into a better one.

Costa Rica has some Hidden Gems

Costa Rica has gotten a lot of hype over the last few years, with eco-tourism entering the equation, lots of people have shifted their preference for overly populated attractions and crowded cities for a more responsible and adventurous type of tourism. With this new mindset, it is no wonder that many people have decided to try new sites as responsible tourism seems to be the best idea out there as more people prefer quality over quantity.

Crystal clear beaches where you can enjoy different kinds of activities, nature hikes with many breathtaking spots, rich culture to learn from, and adrenaline-packed experiences, seems like it has it all right? Well… That’s not all… also has some of the top Rivers on the planet!

Facts About the Pacuare River

The Pacuare river located in the Turrialba valley has won the heart of many and the well-deserved fame for being one of the top places to raft. Stretching in a grandiose 108 km (67 mi) it is no surprise it is rated so high among the whitewater sports enthusiasts divided into sixteen sections the river has no place where there can be fun. It has been such a famous spot that it was the host for the 2011 Rafting Championship.

The river itself is just a wonder of nature, with many flora and fauna surrounding it like colorful toucans, capuchin monkeys, anteaters and if you’re lucky enough blue morphs, howling monkeys and Jaguars guests on a first generation rainforest talk about epic! Culturally rich as well, the region is part of the Cabecar Idigenous tribe, the largest in the country and with much to learn from.

With a superb location for your next trip, you must be wondering is there a perfect place for me to stay?

5-star river with 2 to 5 star lodgings

It is only natural to wish the best for your trip and that applies when looking for a place, it is normal and to be honest, pretty basic nowadays. Costa Rica might be known for its blooming nature and rugged landscapes and with a reason but throughout the years a group of people crafted individually different areas along the land to enjoy in a responsible manner the beauty that lies within the Costa Rican land.

And to save you some time we have made it easier for you to come down with a brief summary of the best places to stay in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Pacuare Outdoor Center

The ultimate adventure outfitter in Costa Rica. POC has been around for a while now and in that amount of time, they have garnished a name among those looking for the best experience overall.

Their boutique-style eco-lodge has impressed many throughout the years as they maintain the minimalistic envision of sustainability and excellent comfort for their guests. POC has spacious cabins and breathtaking views of the Pacuare River area.

Just a few meters away from the Pacuare River but not farther away from the fun. POC offers travelers not only amazing views and one-of-a-kind hospitality in their fascinating eco-lodge but also adventure trips for you with the best guides out there, even some are world champions in rafting! With an incredible knowledge of the area, the people at POC have created what can be described as the perfect synergy between nature and enjoyment and we surely can see it, from SUP to biking there is nothing that Pacuare Outdoor Center can’t do.

Here you can enjoy some free time in the social areas or go on a hike nearby, the staff will surely make the stay one you won’t forget and of course, one that will make you want to come back to Costa Rica sooner than later. With a standard and a brand new deluxe area, Pacuare Outdoor Center leaves no box unchecked for your wishes..

Pacuare Lodge

A magnificent eco-lodge located at the riverbanks of the Pacuare River, known for its lavish and well-crafted lodge it has attracted many kinds of tourists to the intrepid waters of the Pacuare River.

Pacuare Lodge has no shortages of quality and great services. They offer a great variety of adventures for their guest, from hikes to indigenous areas as well coffee plantations. Their amazing infinity pool has attracted many as being this relaxed in the middle of the jungle seems impossible but for those staying at Pacuare Lodge, it is something totally possible.

Their well-rounded amenities and adventures make Pacuare Lodge an incredible place for your next adventure in Costa Rica.

Rios lodge

Rios Lodge, formerly known as Rios Tropicales is a 3-star hotel at the riverbanks of the Pacuare River and an insanely beautiful lodge with the basic amenities for your stay. The proximity of the Lodge to the river is being referenced by many as an amazing experience as hearing the river run through it’s a unique experience.

Rios Lodge offers different activities to their guests, rafting included! Happy hours at 5:00 and just an immense number of natural landmarks around to enjoy and to discover.

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast El Niido del Tigre is a camp located close to the Pacuare River, known among the people who are the most outdoorsy, this camp is the true experience to live.

A campsite near the river where you will be able to enjoy the outmost of the nature and the quality of the guests and staff altogether. Being a campsite, shared bathrooms and open tents is what attracts some tourist looking for the most rooted experience with nature.

A fantastic staff ready to provide you with some amazing trips along the forest and river makes Coast to Coast camping site in Pacuare river one of the most intriguing spaces to ever stay on.

It is a given that having a trip to Costa Rica will be a one of kind experience, the place itself it is just a marvel to behold with so many different things to do and to see, there’s no room for a boring moment. A total pleasure that it is to be there and for the amazing people working in this wonderful places to make your trip one you won’t forget just simply add more reasons for you to come and discover a place that will stay printed in your heart.

Make Pacuare River Part of Your Costa Rica Itinerary

Do not hesitate any longer and book your adventure now, Costa Rica is a place you shouldn’t wait to get to know and now with the latest rescission on the requirement of a negative test to enter the U.S. planning your trip it’s just a click away. Pacuare River will make your visit worthwhile and we’re sure you’ll want more and more.