Costa Rica is the perfect mix of tropical beach paradise, an adventure playground, and the feeling that you’re Jurassic Park. Meaning, you can plan a Costa Rica family vacation in Central America here and have the best time of your life. Active volcanoes, gushing waterfalls, National parks that cover one-quarter of the country, and the land with the richest biodiversity on the earth.

Wait! We forgot to add the hearty local food, coffee plantations, and generous, welcoming people that might prompt you to book a flight to Costa Rica right away.



Is Costa Rica open to tourists?

Yes, in Costa Rica, there are two seasons. The dry season starts from November and lasts till April, and the green season is from May to October. The dry season is the most loved by tourists as it’s perfect for tanning, surfing, and water adventure exploration. Just enjoying the sun that rises over the jungle is awesome as zip-lining, canyoning, trekking, and other adventures in this country. Green season witnesses fewer tourists, and prices for tourist spots will be cheaper.

Now that you know the seasons and adventures available in Costa Rica, let’s see five key adventures in Costa Rica to help you plan your next adventures in Costa Rica vacations.




1. Diving adventure

Costa Rica is home to bountiful marine life. Its various seashores and islands give numerous spots to go diving. It is also known for its beautiful coastlines and welcoming warm waters. The sea here is home to bountiful marine life and gives rich freedoms to underwater adventure.


Scuba diving lovers can enjoy visibility between 30 to 100 feet all through swimming destinations in Costa Rica. At the same time, swimmers can drift on passing via ocean turtles, manta rays, dolphins, and even whale sharks.

With dives in Catalina Island and the Gulf of Papagayo on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, you will have a lot of time to enjoy the seashores here and visit Irazú Volcano, the biggest in Costa Rica.

You’ll also have the chance to expand your Costa Rican diving experience with an outing to Cano Island and Corcovado National Park in the far-off southwest. November to May is usually the best and ideal time to partake in the abundant marine life.



2. Hiking

Regardless of the area, you explore in Costa Rica, hiking will offer you the most obvious opportunity to drench yourself in the natural scene, find out about neighborhood untamed life and environments, and appreciate marvelous views. Some of Costa Rica’s most amazing adventures are only reached by foot.

This visit gets straight down to business with an adventure through the wilderness streams and mangrove backwoods of Tortuguero National Park before evacuating to the Monteverde Cloud Forest with its rich bird and creature life. Then, at that point, test your head for heights by strolling along the hanging bridges in the shadow of Arenal Volcano.

Don’t like standing by for a long time? Fortunately, this tour is a perfect balance, joining open-air activities with unwinding on the seashore. Your beach resort is near a seaside coastal park – ideal for one more adventure.



3. Manuel Antonio National Park

Visiting National parks is among the must-do activities in Costa Rica. National parks cover one-third of the country and offer the greatest diversity on this earth. Among these national parks, Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the littlest national parks in the nation. However, it’s wealthy in natural life. The idea here is to go in with a local guide, as they’ll have a spotting ability and have the talent to show you the animals and smallest creatures stowing away in the hedges.

You’ll see intriguing birds, sloths, a boa to a great extent, and innumerable butterflies and grasshoppers. The recreation center likewise has three seashores, so try to bring your swimming outfit. Visiting first thing in the morning is consistently the best approach, as this spot is well known all year, and it just concedes 300 individuals at once.



Top adventures in Costa rica have wildlife

In case you’re the sort who’s turned off by the crawling species, you have nothing to stress over. Snakes, while normal in photographs of the nation’s aquariums, are extremely relaxed in reality. You’ll see them in the serpentarium at La Paz Waterfall Gardens or highlighted by local guides on those three specific trees along the Pacific Highway.

Other than any highlighted by your guide, you will not witness any snakes, either in the park or elsewhere in the country, except if you need to. If you need to see a viper in its natural territory, you’ll need to ask your local guide because they will not approach.


Proper comfort

South of this national park we can found the Osa Peninsula, home to rich biodiversity in Central America, Playa Cativo. This is the place where you need to go through your evenings while close to the coast — completely off the vacationer circuit and inundated in a great natural environment. You can just come to the ecolodge by boat, so you’re ensured a ton of privacy and security.

The hotel produces 60% of its food on its natural homestead, to which they take you on a visit to test spices that you will find later in your gourmet Mahi tacos and lemongrass mixed drink. Snoozing off in a hammock here on a languid evening in the wake of paddleboarding is pure joy.



4. Costa Rica coast-to-coast

What better approach to experience all that Costa Rica has to bring to the table than navigating the country from one coast to another? Following a choice of handpicked strolling trails, you’ll experience rich rainforests, seething volcanoes, tropical savannah, hot natural aquifers, and percolating mud pools.

Each trail uncovers another aspect of this bewildering nation while getting acquainted with its untamed life and fantastic landscape. Most lead to cascades, where mineral-rich pools will alleviate your exhausted muscles after all that walking.



5. The Pacuare Outdoor center

The Pacuare River is probably the most ideal for your adventurous journey in Costa Rica. No other outing in the nation exists that offers you an ideal mix of wildlife exposure and excitement the entire day ((Exploradores Outdoors, 2020).

Pacuare is well known for its sheer excellence. A true river gorge, with steep borders and green dividers. A great view of the virgin tropical rainforest region shows up before your eyes as you plunge into this true exploratory land. Natural life is plentiful, with sloths, morpho butterflies, toucans, parrots, coatis, and vivid frogs being normal sights.

The white water is even more refreshing. It’s an excessively difficult river. However, it has many rapids that subsequently give you an adventure with loads of fun. The one-day run of 18 miles incorporates a sum of 52 rapids. Including a nursery, patio, and river view, Pacuare Outdoor Center is in Turrialba, 20 mi from CATIE. The inn includes family rooms. Visitor rooms at the lodging come with a seating region. (2021)

At Pacuare Outdoor Center, each room has a private washroom with a shower. An American breakfast is accessible day by day at the facilities. Visitors at Pacuare Outdoor Center can enjoy adventures in and around Turrialba, such as climbing. The closest air terminal is Tobías Bolaños International Airport, 40 mi from this beautiful hotel.



Unique experiences

Boating on the Pacuare River, trekking through tropical manors, climbing the cloud backwoods at the Savegre Reserve, zip-lining through the shelter at Hacienda Baru, swimming, and kayaking in Ballena National Park are some of the things you must do in Costa Rica.

These are the top 5 best adventures in Costa Rica that will give you an unforgettable experience to cherish for a lifetime. bo