The Top 20 Affiliate Travel Websites

Before we dive into the world of the top-rated affiliate programs, here is what an affiliate program is all about and what are the best 20 travel affiliate websites.

Affiliate marketing is the marketing and promotion of a product or service that is manufactured by someone else. The process works when anyone purchases the product or the service using the affiliate or referral link present on your website of yours or in any of your blogs. In return, you will make a commission. The commission percentage depends on the company with whom you have the tie-up policy. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way of earning millions of dollars in less time. However, you need to be an efficient marketer to sell the various services of the brand. When it comes to travel bloggers, affiliate marketing is the best way to make passive income from the comfort of the home and fund their future travel plans.

Here are the top 20 best travel affiliate websites that you can keep an eye on:

   1. POC Affiliate program

Let us kick start the list with the best affiliate program in the online world. The Pacuare Outdoor Center Affiliate program is one of the top-notch programs for travel bloggers. With over 17 years of experience, the POC Affiliate program started in the last few months of the pandemic.

The program was specially designed to re-establish international traveling and develop a better relationship among the small businesses and affiliate members for enjoying the scenic beauty of Costa Rica. This alone makes it worthy of being on the 20 best travel affiliate websites.

The opportunities provided for the guides are plenty. POC is also planning to include the local shop owners, guides, and others to include in the travel affiliate program. Therefore, the scope of writing and exploring opportunities increases. The concept of affiliation is simple! There are ten different spots for any tour or trip sold by the affiliates. You can pick any package to get started. Pacuare Outdoor Centre is known for its highest returns, and they provide a direct link to the tour operators without the involvement of any middlemen.

Who can join the affiliation?

Anybody can apply for the POC travel adventure affiliate program. However, mainly the affiliates are the adventure outfitters, bike and paddle shops, and outdoor shops. Applications are scanned and judged before accepting the affiliation.

   2. Expedia Affiliate Program

The Expedia Affiliate program might be the largest in the world. They have a vast chain of networks that covers almost 50,000 hotels worldwide. Affiliates and other business owners can certainly use any hotels in the different tourist sites’ references or explanations to earn commissions. We recommend you mention more hotels to have more significant opportunities for earning more commissions.

What Is the Commission Percentage?

The commission percentage offered under the Expedia Affiliate Program ranges from 3% to 11%. The commission percentage depends on the amount of transaction involved in a deal.

What Are the Commission Rates For The Packages?

The vacation package offers flight+ hotel and flight+ hotel+ car rentals with a minimum stay of 3 nights: 5% commission per sale.

A vacation package of fewer than three nights with the same facilities offers a commission of 3% per sale.

The Expedia Premium Plus hotel package offers a whopping 11% commission. However, it depends on the monthly sale of the Merchant hotels.

Premium hotel offers a commission of 9%.

Activities commission is 10%

Basic hotel commission deals are of 3%

   3. Hotels Combined Affiliate Program 

If you are looking for the biggest platform to compare the deals of different hotels, then Hotels Combined is your one-stop destination. Millions of travelers worldwide use this platform to compare the various room rates before booking their stay in any part of the world. The commission rates for the travel affiliates are also great.

How much Can You Earn?

Affiliates can earn from a range of $0.50 to $2.00 for every lead generated by them to these websites. The visitors, who redirect to the Hotel Combined site by clicking on the referral links, are tracked for a year. This method is a great way to help an affiliate earn more commissions through repetitive visits throughout the year.

The benefits of the program are:

The 365 days cookies help the affiliate link customers to earn commissions from the referral even after a year. The only condition is that the client must purchase after clicking on the link.

   4. Amazon Associates Program

Travel associates promoting hotels, destinations, or any other services related to travel is not the only way of earning commissions. The various products required by a traveler for a tour or trip are massive, and if they are traveling a long time, they have to purchase many kinds of stuff. Therefore, selling or promoting various products like travel gear, camping kits, jackets, and other small-sized amenities is an excellent way of making massive commissions.

The Amazon Associates affiliate program has more than a million marketers working. The commission rate is 4%, and it varies from one product to another depending on the transaction value.

The Benefits of Amazon Affiliate Program:

Millions of Product Under Travelling Niche

Affiliates can make a plethora of web pages only on one type of traveling product. The wide range of products offers many options to earn a commission with the sale of them. From suitcases to traveling gear, Amazon is the one-stop destination for all products.

Access to Banners & Links

Amazon offers pre-designed horizontal and vertical banners with embedded links, which a marketer can use to make the referral link easily available to the customers. Moreover, the banners make the platform more attractive and appealing to the customers.

   5. Affiliate Program

Presenting the best and the most widely recognized platform for finding accommodation booking online. The platform has millions of users that book hotels and other accommodations online. Therefore, the opportunities of winning a massive percentage of commission from the site are tremendous making a hard entry on the top 20 best travel affiliate websites.

How Much Can You Earn? offers a whopping commission of 25% for a standard booking deal. The commission rate can increase depending on the duration of stay. Therefore a long-staying guest planning to book accommodation from the given referral link can help the affiliate to earn more commission. The maximum commission that an individual can gain from the site is 40%.

The benefits of the Affiliate Program are:

More than 1 million rooms are booked. Therefore opportunities for an individual to earn a high commission per deal is massive.

Many promotional tools like a banner add, search box tools, deals finder, WordPress plugins, and many more.

   6. Travelpayouts Affiliate Program

The most extensive travel affiliate program is here! The Travelpayouts affiliating network has a wide range of travel services available for the customers. The affiliates can make use of the link to develop essential guides for the online audience. The standard services include car rentals, flight tickets, insurance, transfers, and many more.

How Much Can You Earn?

The commission rate is massive, and each deal can help affiliates earn up to 70% for every real deal. However, the revenue generates from each agreement is different for everyone.

For air ticket pricing, the commission rate varies from 1.2% to 1.4% on the fare. If the average cost of the hotel room is $400, then the average revenue is $30.

   7. CruiseDirect Affiliate Program

CruiseDirect has shown considerable growth in the sales of online ticket booking, cruise vacations, and other facilities. Soon it is going to be one of the leading booking platforms on the Internet.

How Much Can you Earn?

The commission percentage of CuriseDirect is 3% on every gross sale of services or facilities. The site also provides a cookie duration of 45 days that helps marketers to gain a greater commission rate after the repetitive transaction from the same referral link.

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

Access to Many deals

CruiseDirect offers /frequent deals and high commission options to the marketers from time to time; the newsletter is responsible for informing the marketers about the sales.

Promotional Tools

Several promotional tools make it easier for marketers to promote in a better way. The tools are banner ads, text ads, search boxes, and more.

   8. Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda has been a real game-changer for the affiliates in the travel niche. It has been the trusted option for many accommodation-related operations, and the customers have happily accepted it. Find the best prices for hotels, resorts, and other modes of accommodation with hefty commission payouts.

How Much Can You Earn?

The affiliates earn up to 5% on every successful transaction, whether it is a hotel or a resort. Therefore, the commission earned for the affiliates on every $200 transaction is $10.

The benefits of the program are:

Access to the Hotel Properties

Agoda is the one-stop destination for near about 900,000 properties across the globe. Therefore, a marketer has several options for convincing a prospective clients to visit the site and compel them to finalize the transaction.

   9. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

If you are a travel enthusiast or have been in the traveling market for a long time, you must be familiar with this old age name of TripAdvisor. It is not just a hotel-booking platform; you can avail all the different types of facilities like flight & train ticket booking, car rentals, local tour bookings, additional amenity packages, and many more. TripAdvisor also offers customers to book tables in nearby restaurants and shops.

How Much Can You Earn?

The affiliate commission offered by TripAdvisor is a whopping 50%. TripAdvisor is indeed one of the Affiliate programs on this list, with so many services and facilities offered. The affiliates can handle different web pages or portals for each type of service and facility. The more exciting news is the commission rates can rise to 80% depending on the sales of the services.

Benefits of the Program

International Affiliates

TripAdvisor has a vast network of customers. The network’s global reach can help affiliates target foreign customers, providing a more significant source of income. It also allows affiliates to work for TripAdvisor from any location in the world.

Deep Link Generator

The site’s deep linking system helps affiliates get tons of helpful affiliate products to multiply their winning income. Access to the tons of visual and textual ads helps marketers to attract more prospective customers.

   10. Wego Affiliate Network

Here comes another excellent site for the travel bloggers and affiliates to make a considerable commission, if not huge. The site and its products are a great source of income for newbie marketers.

How Much Can You Earn?

With every flight exit click, affiliates can earn between a range of 0.05-0.40$, and for every hotel exit click, the payout is 0.20-0.80$. The commission payment system of Wego Affiliate Network is based on commission per click. The CPC monetization system is better than the commission-based system.


Exclusive Deals For Travel Affiliates

Wego has a different system than TripAdvisor, Expedia, and other sites. It has an exclusive affiliate network for travel bloggers and affiliate promoters to earn more money through the CPC monetization model.

Wide Range Of Products

The wide range of products allows promoters and travel bloggers to generate more leads by offering various options to the customers to choose from. Therefore, it increases the opportunities to earn more commission.

   11. Lonely Planet Referral Program

Now that we have discussed so many websites offering booking and other facilities, here is a publishing network that is the biggest publishing house in the travel niche. Lonely Planet publishes magazines, travel guides, eBooks, travel guide books, and many more books related to the tourism niche.

How Much Can You Earn?

The affiliate program of Lonely Planet offers a hefty commission of 15% on every digital printing or manual publishing of books and magazines. The payout for travel guides is 12%. Therefore, a promoter or travel blogger can earn a massive commission with considerable leads, if they concentrate on both the types of commission program

   12. Hotels.Com

As the name suggests, the booking portal is one of the primary providers of accommodation in different properties across 200 countries. You can experience the comfort of a lavish resort or a tiny bed and breakfast accommodation in any part of the world. operates more than 80 local websites that are available in 35 different languages. The commission rate offered by the portal on every successful deal locked is 4%. The uses of voucher codes and site discounts are the attractive primary features of the site.

   13. G Adventures

G Adventure is a significant and widespread name among the small traveling groups of the world. It has a wide range of travel booking options, including exciting tours to Amazon jungles, North Asian tours, Mountain trekking in Nepal, and hilltop flying trips.

The G Adventures market estimation projects can reach a value of $1.6 trillion by the end of 2026. Therefore, the site is an excellent opportunity for bloggers and affiliate promoters to make a large sum of commission from the website’s affiliate program.

The site offers a commission rate of only 6%, and that might not be a considerable amount for you, but G Adventure has an average daily business of $2,600.

   14. SafetyWing

Travelling carries a substantial risk along with it. Adventurous sports or mountain trekking are some of the most dangerous travel packages for anyone traveler. Therefore, the role of travel insurance is vital in the case of such travelers. SafetyWing is one such platform that offers insurance packages for two types of audiences:

Digital Nomads

Entrepreneurs and remote working team.

However, conventional insurance providers do not offer many insurance policies to such travelers. Now, SafetyWing plays a vital role to provide insurance for such travelers. It is the skill of a proficient blogger that can help them to attract clients and earn the commission on selling the insurance to them. The affiliate commission percentage is 10, and it comes with a 365-days cookie setting.

   15. HostelWorld

Like Expedia and TripAdvisor, HostelWorld is another top-notch brand in the accommodation world with a primary focus on hostel accommodations. They offer more than 36,000 hostels to people from 179 different countries. If you doubt their services, the 13 million reviews by experienced travelers, students, and other individuals can help you gain trust in them.

It is another golden egg for promoters and affiliate bloggers to earn a hefty amount of commission. The site offers a whopping commission that can reach up to 40% of the deposit made by the guest. The earning method of commission is the CPA method.

   16. TrustedHousesitters

We all know how challenging it is to keep your pets back at home when planning to go for a holiday. Most of us who like to travel must have come across this situation. TrustedHousesitters offer travelers a sitter who can move into their place to care for their furry pets to get away with this situation. The brand has property owners who are working under them in 130 different countries. You can choose from townhouses to beachfront houses across the world.

The membership fee is $129 for the opening year. What are earning prospects for the affiliates? The commission rate is 20%, and by referring a new sitter for the site, the promoters can earn $100 for each referral.

   17. InsureMyTrip

As the name suggests, InsureMyTrip is another insurance-providing portal like SafetyWing. The portal has tie-ups with popular banks like AIG, AXA, and IMG. It is a trusted company that has more than 100,000 ratings and reviews by genuine clients.

The commission rates offered by InsureMyTrip for the promoters and affiliate travel bloggers are not defined by the portal. However, as per the available information, they offer a referral-based and commission-based affiliate program.

   18. Take Walks

You might have developed an idea about the service of Taking Walks by its name. Yes, they provide tour packages in 13 vibrant and luxury cities of the world. It has more than 600 guides that are more knowledgeable than the locals.

As the tour takes place in the world’s best cities, the terms of the packages are not so cheap. The Parish tour costs around $44- $52. The site is a great opportunity for travel bloggers to earn a hefty amount of money. The commission rate is 20% for each confirmed tour package generated from their referral link.

   19. REI

Amazon might be the best destination for any traveling products, but millions of people rely on REI for outdoor traveling gear. The site has been one of the best sites for over eight decades in outdoor industry. It is connected with more than 165 retail stores. Therefore, you can trust the products as you know the physical location of the store.

REI offers a minimal commission percentage of just 5%, but the average daily business of the company is $120. That is an excellent deal for anyone looking for a reliable affiliate website.

    20. GetYourGuide

And the last entry of our top 20 best travel affiliate websites. How are you planning to explore an unknown tourist land to get the whole vibe of the place? We guess a guide can be a great option. However, local guides can be a fraud and ask for a hefty amount of money. To save you from such a distressful situation, GetYourGuide is here. The site hosts guides for 34,000 different tourist spots across the world.

The affiliate commission offered by GetYourGuide is 8% on every successful package. If you enroll with the site on a partner basis, the rates can reach a higher level.

20 best travel affiliate websites

So here, are the 20 best travel affiliate websites with the best commission rates. There are different affiliate programs available from the travel niche that have expertise in accommodation, tour facilities, insurance, products, and other services. We hope you find the ideal platform to kick-start your affiliate program.

According to us, the most trustable affiliate program is the Pacuare Outdoor Center Affiliate program which does not involve any middleman in providing the services as you will be directed to their affiliation site just with the help of a single click. The return rates of the company are also high.