The Beauty of Costa Rica

The Beauty of Costa Rica

Canadian people have a great interest in visiting Costa Rica mainly due to the reason that it is one of the most beautiful and happiest countries in the world. No one can try to equate him or herself to Costa Rica since there are a variety of reasons why the Canadian tourist like the place besides being cool weather, supernature, and their awesome culture as well so why do Canadians love Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is among the safest countries in Latin-American surpassing Chile and Uruguay. There are ramped cases of theft however which makes tourists be victims of crime although this is not only in Costa Rica but almost in every country. This calls for the Canadians to be keen as they enjoy without worrying about the scams, violent crime, and as well as corruption cases. Wildlife and the nature of Costa Rica may be the main cause for this kind of threat but the Canadian people seem to be much sensible and educated concerning this.

Canadians can travel safely from any part of Costa Rica despite the various warnings and apprehensions which all tourists must comply with while visiting this place.

Reasons why Canadians love Costa Rica

  • The Natural Parks

The Canadian people appreciate Costa Rica’s nature which includes wolves, moose, bears, and as well as snowy mountains. The individuals who enjoy tons of fantastic hiking chances this seems to be the best place for them since it has a very enjoyable nature. 

  • The Arena Volcano Park

The first thing most likely to hear is the Arenal Volcano National Park, famous for its cruciate shape that is enclosed in an awful landscape. The entree fee is approximately $18 where there is around 3.3 miles trail. Beside Arena, there is Cerro Chirripo and Irazú volcano is another awesome place that is two times tall as compared to Arenal.

  • The Warm Weather

During June, July, and as well as August the tropical areas of Costa Rica experiences high temperatures which are around 30 degrees Celsius which is similar to that of Canada in the same period, for this reason, many tourists visit Costa Rica during this time of the year. In fact, Costa Rica has a consistently warm temperature throughout the year.

  • The Rainy & Dry Seasons

Most people have been asking despite the high temperatures experienced in Costa Rica, does it have both wet and cold reasons? The answer is simply yes, Costa Rica has both wet and dry seasons despite the high temperatures being experienced in the area. The wet seasons last for around seven months between May to November, the highest rainfall is as well experienced in September and October. In general, rain is mainly experienced during the evening sessions while the morning sessions are mainly filled with a lot of sunshine. There are however three months in which Costa Rica receives the least amount of rainfall which includes the month of January to March.


The Costal Rica Weather condition

  • The R&R- a place for Healing

Costa Rica is an outstanding place for tourists’ recreation due to its amazing weather nature and industry has utilized it all to attract their beauty in the best way possible to the tourists. This is the reason why Canadian have a variety of choices in terms of indulgence and relaxation.

Due to the various hot natural springs found in Costa Rica found in the rainforest, they have made this region to be convenient. The most popular choice is the Arenal Hot Springs despite the resort Hot Springs being a great choice for people who want to reside in the resort. The visitors use volcanic mud for their skincare which is one of the advantages for tourists visiting this place.

  • Healthier Financial Condition

Costa Rica is the cheapest country to the south of the US border considering the luxury holidays, restaurants just a few to mention where the tourists spend their time in. The truth is living in Costa Rica is cheaper compared to living in Canada. The rental prices, the grocery prices, property prices, just a few to mention necessities are the cheapest while the more luxuries goods are more expensive. 

  • The Costa Rican Food

Costa Rican food products are extremely fresh with a large variety of local vegetables unavailable on Canadian soil. The sweet Chile peppers, the cherry tomatoes, and the watermelon have an awesome market for these products. These wonderful foods found in Costa Rica are however by the result of the multiculturalism of Costa Rica as well explained in the immigration history.