Is Costa Rica safe for tourists in 2022? Let’s find out.

If you are planning to travel to this gorgeous country, you probably have some concerns about safety which is a great thing. Because what’s above your safety? Nothing, right?  If you want to know how safe you will be while traveling in Costa Rica, keep reading…

Generally speaking, Costa Rica is known to be a very safe country, and travelers shouldn’t worry at all. In fact, Costa Rica is considered to be so safe that they haven’t even had armed forces since 1949, sounds interesting, right? But wait, this doesn’t mean you can roam there without any precautions. There are some dangers in Costa Rica that you need to be aware of, and we will be discussing them further.

10 Things You Need To Beware Of To Travel In Costa Rica Safely

The Wildlife

Costa Rica’s wildlife is beautiful and enjoyable to see. But it won’t even take a minute to turn into danger if you are careless. Always take basic precautions. Don’t disturb any animal. Otherwise, they can attack you. If you feel you are in danger, inform your guide ASAP.

Robbery And Scams

Robbery and scams are known to be very common threats in Costa Rica. To avoid them, make sure to stay attentive and keep an eye on your goods. There are some scams like taxi scams in which the driver will be charging you much higher than the normal price.

Offering travel tours at a very low price is another common scam in Costa Rica. In this, there will be a guy nicely dressed offering you very cheap travel and trying to convince you to hire them once you are convinced and paid to them. The very next day, they will disappear with your money, and you will be scammed.

To avoid being scammed, be proactive and take every single detail from them. If your gut feeling says that something is wrong here, listen and follow it.

Don’t Buy or Consume Drugs

Drug laws are very strict in Costa Rica. Don’t even try to buy or consume them. Or you can do it if you want to spend your vacation in a hot prison, it’s completely up to you.

Don’t Take Mosquitoes Lightly

Mosquitoes in Costa Rica are available throughout the entire year. Use mosquito repellent regularly. Otherwise, you can be at risk of getting diseases like malaria, zika, dengue, etc.

Don’t Go Out When It’s Night or Early Morning

Trust me. It can be very risky for you. Most of the crimes occur at this time, so avoid going out when it’s dark outside, especially if you are alone.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Never leave your belongings in an open area. Always keep them safe in a locked spot. Be attentive when you are at a touristy place because thieves mostly roam around there.

Be Alert When Using a Public Transportation 

Crimes such as theft occurred several times in Costa Rica’s public transport. Whenever traveling through public transport, avoid using the overhead lockers and keep your goods on your lap.

Don’t Forget To Buy Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is the best way to tackle unwanted events like injury, illnesses, theft, etc. You should have one while traveling to Costa Rica.

Don’t Go To The Beaches at Night, Especially If You Are a Women

There have been reported crimes like sexual assault, theft, rapes, etc. That’s why it’s not a good idea to visit beaches at night.

Beware Of Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, Costa Rica is prone to natural disasters like landslides, earthquakes, and floods. You should beware of them. However, deadly disasters happen very rarely. Still, it is a good idea to register yourself with the Smart Travel program Enrollment (STEP). They will keep updating you with travel warning messages.

What About Covid-19 Situation In Costa Rica? Is It Safe Or Not?

Centers Of Disease Control and Prevention have clearly stated that one should try to avoid traveling in Costa Rica right now as there is a very high level of Covid-19. If you still want to travel to Costa Rica, then make sure you are vaccinated. Click here to know more about Costa Rica Covid-19 guidelines for travelers.

Some Helpful Tips For You

Here are some tips to keep in mind while traveling to Costa Rica.

  • Don’t feed Costa Rica’s wildlife. Enjoy them from a distance to stay safe
  • Don’t take mosquitoes lightly. Always apply mosquito repellent
  • Don’t take a dip in a river because crocodile and bull sharks have been seen there
  • Sun is stronger in Costa Rica, so don’t forget to wear your sunscreen
  • Avoid isolated areas in Costa Rica as the risk of robbery is higher there
  • Always drive safely on the roads of Costa Rica
  • Whenever taking any taxi, take the authorized one

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Time To Travel In Costa Rica?

Most people prefer to travel to Costa Rica between December to April. In this period, the weather is the brightest and driest. But we would highly recommend you do your own research on Costa Rica’s weather and then decide the best time for you to visit Costa Rica.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Costa Rica?

San José, Tamarindo, Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, Monteverde are known to be some of the best places in Costa Rica.

What Places Should I Avoid In Costa Rica?

Santa Rita de Alajuela, Santa Rosa de Poscol, Limon City, are some of the places that you should avoid.

Can I Travel To Costa Rica Alone?

Definitely, just make sure to take basic precautions. Here are some tips for solo travelers to have a safe journey.

  • Avoid going out when it’s dark
  • Act confident even if you are not
  • Try to learn some basic Spanish
  • Avoid taking a taxi at night
  • Don’t stay in isolated places

Should I Avoid Street Foods In Costa Rica?

No, it’s completely safe and tasty too. But if they serve you food that is not fresh or not cooked properly, just say no to it. But this will rarely happen.

Is It Safe To Travel In Costa Rica With Family?

Yes, why not. More people equals more safety.

Is The Water Of Costa Rica Safe?

Most of the tap water is safe. If you have any doubts regarding the water, then bottled water is always available for you.

Is Costa Rica Safer Than Mexico?

A big YES. Costa Rica is much safer than Mexico. The U.S department also considers Costa Rica as one of the safest countries for U.S nationals.

Lastly, we would just say that Costa Rica is a safe country for traveling. You just have to be careful and follow the things mentioned in this article. That’s it. You are good to go.