No….but depends just like anywhere you travel

Imagine a place where you can lose yourself in nature but never feel lost, where you can run through the grass and stay healthy but never get tired. Where you can swim for hours, then play for hours without a feel of boredom. Imagine a place where eating well contributes to overall well-being but isn’t necessarily a burden. Looks like a paradise, right?

Costa Rica is such a place. Costa Rica is a destination for nature lovers. A place where people enjoy hiking, camping, surfing, and seafood. This tropical paradise is filled with inspiring ruins, lush rainforests, and picturesque mountains.

Costa Rica might be the most underrated tourist destination in all of Central America. It offers world-class beaches, gorgeous views, surfable waves, diving excursions, a high standard of living, and friendly locals who make you feel welcome. 

But is Costa Rica dangerous for tourists?

Travel tip: Costa Rica is safe to visit as long as you watch your moves. Always protect your money, passport, and belongings, especially in crowded towns, cities, or unfamiliar areas. 

In past years, Costa Rica has become more involved in many crimes like drug trafficking and money laundering. While your chances of getting caught up in this robbery are still slim, you must stay aware of what happens around you and trust your instincts.

Had a plan to Costa Rica? You are at the right place. We will share some tips to guarantee a safe and stress-free experience.

Be Safe With Public Transportation

It is essential to know how to protect your belongings in Costa Rica. If you are using public transport, you should take these few simple precautions to help reduce the risk of being an easy target of petty theft or identity theft: 

Make sure your belongings are locked in a bag or secured in another place. Allow plenty of time for shuttle service before heading out and try to arrive at your destination on time. 

If you plan on shopping in Costa Rica, make sure all of your personal belongings are packed, including phones, credit cards, passports, etc.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Pickpocketing is a severe crime in Costa Rica. The theft of items from bags or changing trains or stations is common. However, petty theft also occurs when people are alone in public places like department stores or places that accept credit cards. 

Some theft cases may involve violence or threats against victims if they report the crime to authorities. If you are love to travel alone (or with a companion), be aware that petty theft is a concern. 

If you plan to leave your belongings unattended for extended periods, purchase protective gear such as wristbands or jackets with mitts to prevent items from being taken from your grasp.

Be As Common As Possible

The best way to stay away from the robbery is to remain familiar and do nothing that will draw the attention of the thieves. Avoid the places where muggers and criminals tend to hang out like subway stations, train stations, bus stations with your jewelry, or even with your costly watches. 

It is common for criminals to prey upon victims sitting quietly on the platform or within sight of an open door in these places. Muggers generally prefer vehicles because they can get into a car with someone quickly without attracting attention. 

As long as you remain calm and do everything to protect yourself, it is usually safe for others to leave you alone.

Make Sure You Are Using Authorized Taxi

There are thousands of cabs in Costa Rica, but there are scammers out there like anywhere else. If you get in a cab and the driver tries to take more than the regular fare (this doesn’t always happen), make sure you chase them down and give them the correct fare amount. 

Also, if you have a special fare (like a considerable amount), you should be extra careful, especially if it seems like the driver is trying to pull some fast one on you. 

Always make sure you have your driver’s information and a screenshot of their license so you can report any issues directly to the authorities.

Avoid Isolated Places

There are many ways to minimize your risk of getting robbed. One such way is to avoid areas where criminals tend to gather. Travelers tend to stick to famous places, and often they are alone when they travel. 

If you are planning a trip alone, it is advisable to use a personal identifier such as your passport number or your hotel registration number when traveling. Stay away from unfamiliar areas and look around when entering or leaving your room. 

If you feel threatened, immediately stop what you are doing and contact the police. Be prepared to provide them with as much information as possible about your circumstances.

Get Ready With Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will protect you against significant expenses if an accident or illness takes you out of pocket. It would be advisable if you always carried travel insurance before going on a trip. Insurance can be a great way to cover significant expenses if you happen to get injured on holiday. 

Travel insurance can help cover the costs of your flight home without worrying about paying late fees or not being able to use your credit cards on other cards for a while. 

Insurance can reduce this stress and make your stay happy with its reliable coverage that will be beneficial for you in times of need whether you choose to use the facility or not.

And, Finally

When it comes to being safe in Costa Rica, being vigilant and knowing your limits are more important than ever. Being able to recognize and cope with situations that could turn dangerous and being aware of local legends and customs—will help minimize any major mishaps when traveling in Costa Rica.

Protecting yourself and staying healthy during your trip to Costa Rica is essential. Please remember the above-mentioned simple guidelines to stay safe during your visit.