Sup Surf Camps

As you decide to get into the sport of SUPSurfing, you will have a few options for learning. First, you can read the Beginners Guide to SUPSurfing. You can also go to a camp and get some coaching. The first question is if a SUPSurf camp is worth the money.  We are a little biased because we run a SUPSurf Academy in Costa Rica, and we believe the best option is to attend a week-long training to learn how to SUPSurf correctly.

But even if we didn’t the answer is still a huge YES that campus run properly are worth every penny. If you think you can save some money learning on your own; you might be right. Still, chances are you haven’t calculated the value of being with a coach and learning with some of the most highly respected professionals in the industry. There is something to be said about walking into a sport, and the ones at the top of the sport take you by the hand and mentor you allowing you to reach levels at speeds you never knew were possible.


You Learn in One Week What Can Take Years

The speed you learn at a camp is tenfold to what you would know doing things independently. You are immediately taught the ins and out’s of surf culture and rubbing elbows with the pro but you are given insight and at the moment, tips to tweak every little movement that some surfers never master surfing on their own. You quickly realize there’s so much more to surfing than meets the eye, and what meets the eye is a lot!

In Costa Rica, we do video analysis and strategic coaching to work with each client. You will enjoy the sport so much quicker and cut years off improving your skills on the waves allowing you to spend more time enjoying the surf, preventing injury, and blending in as a SUPSurfer that knows what they are doing.

We invite you to join us on what we consider one of the best-kept secrets in Costa Rica. That is the Caribbean side during the months of late August, September, October, and early November, with clear waters, perfect surf for learning, and positive Caribbean vibes. Our Tropical Surf Academy is one of the premiere SUPSurf Academies in the world with the highest level of service and personalized attention along with the top coaching, gear, and conditions you will find anywhere.

We look forward to seeing you and coaching and teaching you to become the highest level SUPSurfer possible.


Costa Rica SUP Surf Camps

Looking to become an expert in SUPSurf. Learn from the Pros in Nosara, Costa Rica at the Tropical SUPSurf Academy one of Costa Rica’s top SUPSurf Camps.