Costa Rica Whitewater Rafting is some of the Best on Earth

Mountain and a lot of rain is the perfect recipe for some world-class whitewater rafting. If you are traveling to another country, you might as well go whitewater rafting on their best river. In Costa Rica, that is the Pacuare River. POC’s main adventure is whitewater rafting, and our main river here at the POC is the Pacuare River. You will find everything from the upper section class V’s for experts down to the middle section for beginners on the Pacuare. The lower section and canyon is the most commonly run and scenic, filled with adventurous rapids and jaw-dropping scenery.

Here in Costa Rica, rafting is done in six-person self-bailing rafts. Everyone is given a paddle, life vest, and helmet, and your guide is in the back, giving directions that are taught to you in the safety speech at the beginning of the trip. 

Rafting with POC is not like rafting with large commercial rafting companies. We are a rafting company used for our guests at our POC Lodge. The Pacuare River is what we call a pool and drop, so you have a fun rapid and then followed by a pool. The nice part is on the Pacuare, the pools are short so the fun feels continuous from start to finish.

On your standard day of rafting with POC, we will put in at La Cruz, where our guests will arrive by 4×4 or have the option to get there via mountain bikes. From there, we will raft class II rapids for around two hours down to the POC Lodge. Depending on how many days you plan to spend at POC Lodge will determine when you raft the lower section. The lower section is rafted on your departure day from the Lodge. The lower section includes the infamous rapids that are known globally by everyone in the rafting industry. Here you will experience class IV rapids and another adventurous day.